English Wine Week 2021 – Celebrating English Wines!

English Wine Week 2021 is taking place this week from Saturday 19th June to Sunday 27th June and is an opportunity to bring the increasing number of English wines and vineyards into the spotlight! To be honest, until I started studying more about wine last year I wasn’t really aware of the sheer volume of English vineyards that exist which seems strange now given that I live in Kent and I have since discovered that I am literally surrounded by vineyards. It is not something that I had naturally come across but I can see now how quickly the English wine market appears to be expanding.

To date I have only tried a few English wines so I can’t say I’m an expert but I am going to be trying a couple of new ones this week in honour of English Wine Week which I will feed back on in a subsequent post. One I have tried before is a dry white wine from the Compton Green Vineyard in Gloucestershire. This was an Estate Special Reserve which I bought from Waitrose Wine Cellar for £9.49 and while it doesn’t have “vegan” written on the label of the bottle itself, it is clearly stated to be suitable for vegans on the website. This is a light, easy to drink wine and, while I have to admit not one of my favourites personally, I think it would appeal to any Sauvignon Blanc lovers out there. A very “green” tasting wine, blended from the Madeleine Angevine and Phoenix grape varieties, with aromas of green fruit and gooseberry and clear herbaceous notes. In terms of flavour there was an additional honeydew melon flavour in there and tasted quite light overall. An easy summer tipple and one of the more affordable English wines that I found upon my search as I did find the English wines to be quite pricey overall – that is, for those of us who tend towards more affordable everyday drinking types of wines. In any case, just one English vegan wine review for now. I will add a few more over the next week. Enjoy celebrating English wine week!

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