English Wine Week 2021: Polgoon Vineyard

Following on from my previous post on English Wine Week 2021, the only other English Wines I have actually sampled other than the Compton Green wine I mentioned previously, are the vegan wines available from Polgoon Vineyard in Cornwall where we went for a vineyard tour last summer.

As we visited at a time when Covid restrictions were still very much in place, we just had a short self-guided tour of their beautiful orchard and vineyard followed by a “wine flight” tasting of three of their home-grown wines.

I went with my family and we all enjoyed the walk through the vineyards and imagining the whole wine making process as we wandered along and then the adults among us were able to enjoy the tasting at the end.

We were able to sample their Bacchus 2018 white wine, their Rosé 2017 and their Rondo Red. My favourite was the Rosé 2017 which I then picked up a bottle of from their shop at the end. I do usually veer towards a white wine but on this occasion I preferred the rosé. This is actually a medium dry wine, rather than just dry which again would usually be my preference, but it is a lovely fruity rosé full of strawberry and red fruit flavours and aromas and which still had the taste and depth of a red. I don’t mean in heaviness but that sense of it having come from a black grape with all its flavour and fruitiness. I like that in a rosé, when you get a sense of where it came from. It tasted like a good quality wine and I paid around £15 for it. I obviously bought it in situ but it is possible to order their wines online from their website.

Definitely worth paying these guys a visit if you are in the area (Penzance, Cornwall) or purchasing their wines online. I’m not sure if their wines are stocked elsewhere but their online shop has lots of different options, all certified vegan and with an ethical policy regarding sustainability too. The range includes still wines, sparkling wines and even vegan gin, rum and cider too if you’re so inclined. I think I will have to take another look online at their sparkling wines – English Wine Week is as good an excuse as any!

Even the rain during the vineyard tour didn’t dampen our spirits!

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